Dr. Donald St. P. Richards


Prefix: Dr.
First Name: Donald
Middle Name: St. P.
Last Name: Richards


Donald Richards is a Professor of Statistics at the Pennsylvania State University.


Dr. Richards was born in West Indies.

In two years, Donald Richards went from an undergraduate degree to a Ph.D. (Mathematical Statistics, University of the West Indies, 1978). While pubishing numerous papers, he had several positions: University of the West Indies (1979-1981); University of North Carolina (1981-1987); University of Wyoming (1983-1984). In 1987 he joined the Statstics faculty of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.  Dr. Richards served as Chair of the Division of Statistics of the University of Virginia and is currently a Professor of Statistics and Pennsylvania State University.  He has supervised 8 PhD students at the Unversity of Virginia and Penn State. 

Area Interests: Multivariate statistical analysis, Representation theory and harmonic analysis, Generalized special functions, Statistical reliability theory, Probability inequalities.

In multivariate statistical analysis, studying parametric and semi-parametric probability distributions and their properties, with applications to multivariate inferential problems such as hypothesis testing and discriminant analysis.

In generalized special functions, a program of research to investigate hypergeometric functions defined on
matrix spaces and symmetric cones. This program is motivated by applications to problems in multivariate analysis.

The research on generalized special functions has led also to generalizations of results well-known for the classical special functions; this line of work relies heavily on representation theory and harmonic analysis.

The algebraic and analytic techniques utilized in my work on multivariate analysis and generalized special functions are closely related to my research on total positivity and probability inequalities, e.g. new concepts of total positivity germane to the theory of finite reflection groups, and correlation inequalities of FKG type, motivated by problems in statistics, probability and mathematical physics.

He has published two books:

Edited: Donald St. P. Richards. Hypergeometric functions on domains of positivity, Jack polynomials, and applications. Proceedings of the AMS Special Session held in Tampa, Florida, March 22--23, 1991. Contemporary Mathematics, 138. American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 1992. x+259 pp. ISBN: 0-8218-5159-4

Edited: Tuong Ton-That, Kenneth I. Gross, Donald St. P. Richards and Paul J. Sally, Jr. Representation theory and harmonic analysis. Papers from the conference held in honor of Ray A. Kunze at the AMS Special Session, Cincinnati, Ohio, January 12--14, 1994. Contemporary Mathematics, 191. American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 1995. xii+254 pp. ISBN: 0-8218-0310-7

He has also published 50 research papers. One of his other email id's is drichards@virginia.edu and his personal URL is http://www.stat.virginia.edu/richards.html