Augustin Banyaga


First Name: Augustin
Last Name: Banyaga


For many years, Dr. Banyaga has been involved in Higher Education and Research in Africa.


birthplace: Kigali, Rwanda

Employment:  Professor of Mathematics, Assoc Chair, Mathematics Graduate Studies, Pennsylvania State University

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Previous positons:

  1. 1977-78, member of the Institute for Advanced Studies.
  2. 1978-82, Benjamin Pierce Assistant Professor Harvard University
  3. 1982-84, Assistant Professor Boston University
  4. 1984-1992 Associate Professor Pensylvania State University
  5. 1992- Present, Full Professor Pennsylvania State University

For many years, Dr. Banyaga has been involved in Higher Education and Research in Africa. He is collaborating with the Institute of Mathematics and Physical Sciences in Benin ( IMSP). He is a member of the International Scientific Advisory board of IMSP. He is an editor of Africa Matematika. He is also a member of the United States National Committee for Mathematics ( of National Research Council, and the US National Academy of Sciences).


Current Interests: locally conformal symplectic geometry and Bott-Morse-Floer homology, Contact Geometry and Topology. Most of past research focused on the structure of classical diffeomorphism groups. Themain results are contained in the book " The structure of Classical diffeomorphisms" published by Kluwer Acad. Publishers in 1997. Current interst include Floer Homology and Gauge Theory.

Augustin Banyaga has published three books and 50 papers in Differential Topology and Geometry.


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A complete and updated list can be obtained directly from Dr. Banyaga.

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Year Born: 1947