Dr. Laura Smith


Prefix: Dr.
First Name: Laura
Last Name: Smith


Degree: B.S.
Graduation Year: 1965

Degree: M.S.
Graduation Year: 1983

Degree: Ph.D.
Graduation Year: 1993


Research Area: Increasing the presence of underrepresented groups in mathematics. Selected Publications Smith, L.B.; Stiff, L.V.; Peter, M. R. Teaching mathematics to the least acaademically prepared African American students. In M. Struchens (ed.) Changing the faces of mathematics: Perspectives on African Americans.Reston, VA: National Council of teachers of Mathematics. Cliette, G; Smith, L. : Williams, D.T.; Wofford, A. Impact of the Algebra Project on the attitute of rural African-American sixth-grade students toward mathematics. Research Association of Minority Professors Journal 2(2), 1997.