Francis Benyah


First Name: Francis
Last Name: Benyah


His area of degree is Numerical Analysis/Optimal Control.


Birth place: Elmina, Ghana

Senior lecturer Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa

Dr. Benyah' Ph.D. thesis is An Investigation into Ill-Conditioning and Regularization of Optimal Control Computation . He already had 4 publications at the time of his degree.

5. F. Benyah and L. S. Jennings, A Comparison of the Ill-Conditioning of Two Optimal Control Computation Methods. (Research Report)

4. F. Benyah and L. S. Jennings, A Review of Ill-Conditioning and Regularization of Optimal Control Computation, Optimization Methods and Applications (Editors: Yang, X.Q., Teo, K. L. and Caccetta L.), (Kluwer, 1999)

3. F. Benyah and L. S. Jennings, Ill-Conditioning in Optimal Control Computation, Proceedings of the Eighth International Colloquium on Differential Equations (ed. D. Bainov), (VSP BV, Utrecht, The Netherlands, ISBN 90-6764-279-7, 1998), 81-88.

2. F. Benyah and L. S. Jennings, Regularization of Optimal Control Computation, International Symposium on Intelligent Automation and Control (ISIAC'98) World Automation Congress, Anchorage, Alaska, TSI Press, CDROM pp. ISIAC 091.1--091.6, May 1998.

1. F. Benyah and L. S. Jennings, The L-curve in Regularization of Optimal Control Computation J. Austral. Math. Soc. B, 40(E), (Nov. 1998, E138--E172.)

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