A.T. Bharucha-Reid


First Name: A.T.
Last Name: Bharucha-Reid


Bharucha-Reis was advisor to at least 13 Ph.D. students.


Birthplace: Hampton, Virginia

Last position: Clarke-Atlanta University

Research Interests: Mathematical Biology, Probability and Statistics

Bharucha-Reis was advisor to at least 13 Ph.D. students.

Albert Turner Reid (he later exchanged names with is wife, Bharucha) was born to the familty of Hampton Institute faculty members (his father and Great Uncle).

Albert Turner Reid wrote his first paper, in mathematical biology, when he was 18. His interest in the subject is perhaps explained as his uncle was the great African American Biologist Charles Henry Turner. At 19, in 1949, he earned a B.S. in Mathematics and in Biology from the University of Iowa. Between 1950 and 1958, he held a variety of positions from research assistant to instructor at such places as The Univeristy of Chicago, Columbia University, University of California at Berkeley, and The Polish Academy of Sciences. While studying in graduate school at the University of Chicago, 1950-53, he produced mathematics for eight published papers, but did not produce a Ph.D. thesis (he said in 1953 it was a waste of his time). In 1959, he became Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oregon. In 1961 he became an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Wayne State University in Detroit, Full Professor in 1965, and in 1970, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Wayne State Univeristy. Professor Bharucha-Reid has also held positions at Clark-Atlanta Univeristy.


Between 1951 and 1996, Albert T. Bharucha-Reid published more than 70 papers and 6 books in algebra, analysis, mathematical biology, statistics, and topology. His first book was published in 1960.


books by Albert T. Bharucha-Reid

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Year Born: 1930
Year Deceased: 1985