Japeth Hall Jr.


First Name: Japeth
Last Name: Hall
Suffix: Jr.


Degree: Ph.D.
Graduation Year: 1970
Major: Mathematics

Degree: B.S.
Graduation Year: 1952
Major: Mathematics

Degree: M.S.
Graduation Year: 1957
Major: Mathematics


Dr. Hall was the third president of the National Assocaition of Mathematicians.


Japeth Hall, Jr. was the second of eleven children. After high school graduation, he joined the U.S. Navy where his desire for more education heightened. After completing his tour of duty to his country, he enrolled in Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama where he earned the B.S. degree in Mathematics in 1952, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He received his M.S. degree in mathematics from the University of Illinois in 1957. He joined the Faculty of Stillman College in 1960 and to this response he dedicated himself professionally for the remainder of his life. While at Stillman, he earned the Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in August 1970. He was Professor and Chairman of the department of Mathematics of Stillman College in 1970.


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Year Born: 1929
Year Deceased: 1980