Dr. Ethelbert Nwakuche Chukwu


Prefix: Dr.
First Name: Ethelbert
Middle Name: Nwakuche
Last Name: Chukwu


Dr. Ethelbert Nwakuche Chukwu was awarded the Griot Mathematics Award by The Academy for Pan African Research and Culture


Birthplace: Mbano, Imo, Nigeria

Employment: : Professor of Mathematics, North Carolina State University

Ethelbert Nwakuche Chukwu earned his B.Sc. in Mathematics at Brown University (1965), a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics at the University of Nigeria-Nsukka and earned his PhD. in Mathematics from Case Western Reserve University (1972). Thus began a remarkable career in Mathematics Resarch and Administration.

Dr. Chukwu's first position was at Cleveland State University where he was an Assistasnt Professor (1972) and Associate Professor in 1976. In 1977 until 1981 he was Dean of the School of Post-Graduate Studies at the University of Jos in Nigeria. He also served as Professor of Mathematics (1978-81) and Chair of the Mathematics department (1979-81). From 1981 until 1984, Dr. Chukwu was Vice Chancellor (President) of Federal University. From 1984 until 1989, he held several visiting positions at universities in the U.S. However, in 1989 E.N. Chukwu became Professor of Mathematics at North Carolina State University where he remains until today. He has worked on several research projects for NASA since his membership in the faculty of mathematics at NCSU. E-mail: chukwu@math.ncsu.edu Also see the web page: Who are the greatest Black Mathematicians

Dr. Chukwu's hobbies are music and poetry.



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Year Born: 1940