Dr. Marian Palmer Capps


Prefix: Dr.
First Name: Marian
Middle Name: Palmer
Last Name: Capps


Marian Palmer Capps, a graduate of Norfolk Public Schools. The professional career of Marian P. Capps began as a high school teacher at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk. After her doctorate she was offered a position at Hampton Institute. Later she became Chairman of the Department of Mathematics at Hampton. a teaching position at Norfolk State University. Dr. Capps was appointed to the Virginia State Council of Higher Education by Governor Mills Godwin in 1978 and was reappointed by Governor Charles Robb in 1982. Long active in the Norfolk community, Dr. Capps has served on innumerable boards, commissions, and committees, was one of the founders of the Urban League of Hampton Roads, and has been honored repeatedly by local, statewide, and national civic and charitable organizations

The Marian Palmer Capps Award from the Urban League of Hampton Roads is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to education.
Note. Elsewhere I have seen her as long time employee of Hampton Institute.