Dr. Temba Shonhiwa


Prefix: Dr.
First Name: Temba
Last Name: Shonhiwa


Degree: B.S.
Graduation Year: 1996

Degree: M.S.

Degree: Ph.D.
Graduation Year: 1996


Teaching Experience: University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe; West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, U.S.A.; Chowan College, Murfreesboro, NC, U.S.A. RESEARCH Areas of Interest: Number Theory; Combinatorics; Algebra. Books Published T. Shonhiwa: Introduction to Vector Analysis. University of Zimbabwe Publications. October 2000 Papers Published 8. T. Shonhiwa: On A Class of Prime-detecting Congruences. Discrete Mathematics 204 (1999) 357-368. 7. T. Shonhiwa: Generalized LCM Based Counting Functions. Utilitas Mathematica 55 (1999),pp 3-15. 6. T. Shonhiwa and H. W. Gould: Functions of GCD's and LCM's. Indian Journal of Mathematics 39, Number 1 (1997). 5. T. Shonhiwa and H. W. Gould: A Generalization of Cesa'ro's function and Other Results. Indian Journal of Mathematics, 39. Number 2. (1997) 4. T. Shonhiwa: Generalized Bracket Function Inverse Pairs. The Fibonacci Quarterly 37 (1999) 233-239. 3. T. Shonhiwa, A generalization of the Euler and Jordan Totient Functions. The Fibonacci Quarterly 37 1999, 67-76. 2. T. Shonhiwa and M. B. Zaturska: Disappearance of Criticality in Thermal Ignition for a Simple Reactive Viscous Flow. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics 37 (ZAMP 1986). 1. T. Shonhiwa and M. B. Zaturska: Disappearance of Criticality in Thermal Explosion for Reactive Viscous Flows. Comustion Flame 67 (1987), 175-177.