Kasso Okoudjou


First Name: Kasso
Last Name: Okoudjou



Area: Harmonic analysis; pseudodifferential operators; frame theory
Harmonic analysis, specifically in time-frequency analysis and wavelet theory. Time-frequency concentration, smoothness and decay using the theory of frames - in particular, Gabor and wavelet frames. Mmultilinear pseudodifferential operators using mainly a time-frequency approach. Applications of frames to signal processing, both in the finite and infinite dimensional settings.


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  2. Embeddings of some classical Banach spaces into modulation spaces, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 132 no. 6 (2004), 1639­1647.
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  4. Modulation spaces and a class of bounded multilinear pseudodifferential operators (with A. Benyi, K. Grochenig and C. Heil), submitted.
  5. Weak uncertainty principles on fractals (with R. S. Strichartz), 2004 preprint.



Year Born: 1973