Bola Olujide Balogun


First Name: Bola
Middle Name: Olujide
Last Name: Balogun


University of California at Los Angeles Ph.D. (Math-1975) Thesis: Some problems in Group Theory, advisor: E.G. Straus As a student, Balogun obtained first class honours in B.Sc. (Hons. Math.) London University External Examination through the then University College Ibadan, (now University of Ibadan). After his Ph.D., Dr. Balogun held a variety of positions at the University of Ife over his career, from Senior Lecturer (1979-89) to Associate Professor (1989-93), and Professor (1993-to present). He has held a number of temporary positions.


Birth Place: Ijebu-Igbo, Nigeria


Because of his expertise, Dr. Balogun has been asked to referee 22 articles for Mathematical Reviews.



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