Welcome to the new home of Mathematicians of the African Diaspora.

Our former home was created by Professor Scott Williams of SUNY Buffalo in 1997 and we are committed to carrying on his mission.

We are now updating and transferring information from the old site to this new site.

Who we are - The Mathematicians of the African Diaspora Editorial Board hereinafter referred to as “MATHAD”, or the “MATHAD” ed board is a group of researchers in the mathematical sciences, and others who love and esteem mathematics. MATHAD is dedicated to promoting and highlighting the contributions of members of the African diaspora to mathematics, especially contributions to current mathematical research. We will work with individuals and organizations that share these goals and our vision of a diverse mathematical research community in which members of the African diaspora are well represented and their works are well known, respected and appreciated.

To join us, offer support or send comments and suggestions, please contact us at edboard@mathad.com